Senin, 10 Agustus 2015

Prameswari Sesilia Medina

My dearest Sesilia,

Couple days ago you turned a year. A year seems very little, yet somehow you have filled the last 12 months of my life with so much joy it feels like entity.

I remember the first time I held you in the arm. I wiped my tear after 30 minutes in the most frightening moment in my life. The noon sun crumbled turning to the west, allowed your exhausted mother to take a deep breathing. We were so exhausted but so happy, happier than we have ever been in our life since we were live together. It’s wonderful seeing every single changes day to day.

Sesilia Medina,

You were always with me. I imagined you for a long time before you born, long before I met your Ibu. Somehow you turned brighter than my wildest imaginings. It might come from your first name “Prameswari” your mother gave. Of the endless thing I love you right now.

The way you call me “Ayah,” with full motivation I study a lot for preparing you will be proud of me one day. I try the best.

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