Sabtu, 25 Juli 2015

Encouraging My Self

Today I make an important decision in my life. I will put every amount of my own writing (in English) in here (my personal blog). To me, it seems a big deal because I’ve considered it for quite long time but I don’t have a braveness to do this. As you know well, when we communicate in English to Indonesian, it is considered to show your ability while your partner would be a judge rather than a listener.

I spend an hour a day to learn English. I have been seriously studying for 2 years, but so far, I still difficult even to make a paragraph. Sometimes I think to give up, but till now I still learn because I know the causes why I want to give up. The expectation runs so fast while learn needs a consistent. It a main reason, I think.

Let stops telling your learning experience. Tell something valuable to others!

“Valuable? What kind of things I have to write that can be considered valuable?”

Everything you found in your life.

“Ok, give me a little time either to put my new ide or to translate the older. I will put on next sections.” 

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