Kamis, 11 Juli 2013


I have learned so much about bullying recently. Now, I know how awful bullying truly is. Some people bully because they have been bullied themselves and they want other's to understand what its like, but they should truly know not to bully because they have experienced how awful it is themselves. instead of bullying others and putting them through that awful time, why not just talk someone, help them understand what it is like without making them suffer.

I learned that you can get a lot more comfort from talking to a friend instead of bullying another, you should never ever bully anyone no matter what they have done because no one deserves to go through that.  even saying one little mean thing is damaging to someone because likely others will add other mean comments. those little things you say will likely be remembered by that person for a very long time if not forever. So they will always feel bad about themselves. No one wants to be bullied. So in conclusion I have learned how important to deal with every bullying occurred to me and to beg a pardon to peoples who had bullied by me.

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